Public Blockchains

We can help your company developing on-chain and off-chain solutions on the most relevant permissionless and open sourced public blockchains.

Side Chains

Sometimes you don't need a brand new blockchain, just a side chain which enforce its security on a well known, trusted master chain.

IoT + IIoT

We can help you developing Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things decentralised solutions based on the latest technology accomplishments.

Product tracking and supply chain

We can develop custom product tracking solutions for supply chains enabled by blockchain.


We can help you designing and building solutions on alternative Distributed Ledger Technologies like Direct Acyclic Graphs.

Custom Blockchains

If your business has particular scalability issues your requirements could be satisfied only with a custom blockchain. We can help you understand whether or not it is required and how to design it.


Our engineers have on field experience on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques that can be combined with blockchain technology to achieve unprecedented data valorisation.

Legacy Systems


We can support your company interfacing any legacy system with blockchain solutions.

Platform Development

An important success key for any business is the ability to build extensible platforms over a product. We can help you designing and building your extensible blockchain platform.

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