We provide CxO grade fully customisable training courses that allows to:

  • understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies fundamental concepts

  • learn how to extricate in this complex technological ecosystem

  • understand trends and sectors that will be mostly disrupted by the blockchain paradigm

  • lear how to model and adapt business models on decentralised ecosystems

  • lear to distinguish quality projects

  • acquire legal and fiscal competences to operate on these ecosystems

Course Contents

These contents have been designed for attendees with not necessarily technical or financial training, and is designed to provide the basic skills in the understanding, application and integration of  Blockchain technologies and their business models.


The contents of the course can be completely customised. All the available topics can be consulted from the table at the bottom of the page.


At the end of this course the users will learn why the Blockchain introduces a new economic paradigm, they will retrace the evolution of currencies, the limitations of the fiat and the value proposition of the crypto, they will know the use of Bitcoin, the concepts behind each Blockchain, the criteria for using cryptocurrency, the principles of technological functioning and the aspects of Permissionless Innovation.


They will also know the main aspects of governance of a cryptocurrency and its social and economic implications, they will have an introduction on Distributed Ledger Technologies and a medium and long-term vision on the evolution of these technologies and on the current economic and social system that revolves around to the various crypto ecosystems.


They will also learn through practical exercises to build business models on the new Blockchain paradigms.


Finally, they will be introduced to the basics of tax and legal aspects of cryptocurrency.

Table of Contents

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